CIVKON AGI is a construction company that, based on its long-standing experience and knowledge of the local market, has made a discourse in its activity and from a company that is known for its specific and quality way of building, upgraded to a company which is a leader at the regional level with the introduction of a service so-called "building diagnostics". The organizational structure is flexible enough to adapt to all the challenges and tasks.

The range of services is satisfying even the most creative requirements, which is confirmed by the list of satisfied customers.
We provide superior products and services within the construction, building diagnostics or home inspection, engineering, consulting, procurement and implementation of the latest global technologies and materials.
The course of specializing in the sphere of designing and construction of Passive Houses is what distinguishes CIVKON AGI long time from the rest of the construction companies in Macedonia. The new service under which the brand is additionally recognized is the building diagnostics.The team consisted of engineers and proficient specialists with big working experience enables the company’s idea to be accomplished.
The company’s commitment to introduce a novelty in the construction industry in Macedonia does not mean excluding the well known and existing type of building in the region. For the clients’ needs we offer our services of energy efficient building supported by expertise, competences, exceptional service and professional integrity