Since the requirements for hermetic separation of the interior from the outside to achieving high levels of energy efficiency are strict, the demand for bringing fresh air in facilities is imposed. Ventilation in energy-efficient buildings is one of the key elements, since in addition to air replacement, it should also provide energy (heat) transfer from ejected air on the cold fresh air. For that purpose, ventilation systems with recuperation with high levels of efficiency are used, while applying so-called system of CROSS VENTILATION.

The basic criteria that need to be met by a ventilation system with recuperation, for energy efficient living facilities are:ventilacijaventilacija 2.png

  • 20 to 30 m3 / h / person fresh air
  • Balanced air flow through input and output ducts
  • Air humidity between 30% and 60%
  • Recuperation with thermal efficiency ƞ≥ 75%
  • KPD≤ 0,45 Wh/m3
  • Air temperature after the recuperation ≥16.5 ° C, at an outdoor temperature of -10°C
  • The air temperature in ducts shall not exceed 520C
  • The noise in the machinery room is under 35dB
  • The noise in the auxiliary rooms is below 30dB
  • The noise in living spaces is below 25dB
  • Full operating capacity up to -15°C outdoor temperatureventilacija 3
  • High quality air filters
  • The speed of air circulation through ducts to be ≤ 2m / sec.