Energy loss

One way of losing energy from buildings is by conduction, or simplified, energy loss by heat transfer through the shell of the building.
These losses are dominant and therefore, while designing buildings, there should be a tending to design with a smaller surface of the shell.
Energy losses with heat transfer across the shell depend on several factors: the surface of windows, the insulating properties of the elements of the coating to the ground and the air, the conductivity of the shell materials and the reflectivity of the roof cover (for the summer period).

Thermal bridges can participate up to 15% of total heat losses according to this method, and therefore special attention should be paid to eliminate or reduce thermal bridges.nergy losses
Traditionally in Macedonia, there is an opinion that "the ground is a great isolator" and that thermal insulation is not required to the ground, which is a very big mistake. Even to the ground there are losses which are far from negligible.

What we can do to diagnose the level of insulation on all parts of the facade, on already constructed buildings (walls, windows, windows, roofs, etc.)?

Can THERMAL BRIDGES be diagnosed?

How to eliminate thermal bridges?

How can we help you to get a really energy efficient facility?