Why, when and how

energetski sertifikatThe benefits of increasing energy efficiency in buildings are not limited to reducing heating and cooling costs. It affects the comfort, and thus the health and working capacity. The higher the standard of energy efficiency is, so the comfort in the building is higher.
The highest standard of comfort in the world is marked as ASHRAE Class A Comfort Standard and the highest level of energy efficiency marked as A + or called Passive House automatically achieves that comfort standard.
And it's not just that. With the reduced energy demand, emissions of greenhouse gases and harmful particles in the atmosphere are reduced, and so it helps in the process of saving the planet. And again through the cleaner air it's utterly affecting people's health.
And when you have a facility with very small energy needs, then the usage of alternative energy sources (sun, wind, groundwater, waste, etc.) is a completely logical choice and a worthwhile investment. Even surpluses of energy are created, that can be sold and generate additional income.
However, the construction of energy efficient buildings is not always a logical investment, but this is the case only for industrial facilities that, because of their production technology, consume huge amounts of energy or generate huge quantities of thermal energy in space. In all other cases, energy efficiency is welcome for user’s pocket, health and clean air.
The level of energy efficiency of a facility should result from the calculation of the economic viability of such an investment, but taking into account the impacts on the users of the facility as well as on the environment.