krov 2 With the fact that the roof is the most exposed surface of the building envelope of atmospheric influences, it is one of the most important elements of the building and must provide many functions: waterproof, good drainage, adjustability of temperature changes, thermal and sound insulation and good air sealing. Whether flat or slanting roof terrace, regardless of the type of roof and materials from which it is derived, it must satisfy these conditions.

While in developed countries attics are most attractive and most expensive, in our region they are least desirable and achieve the lowest sale price. Those who live or work in houses or in a loft can list various problems they face which are related to the roof. But the problems from failures and mistakes in the roof are felt by all the users of the building, regardless in which part they are in.

The most obvious way to notice the insufficient isolation of the roof, or leak of air through the roof, is the appearance of icicles in winter. Although they look beautiful in the winter idyll, the icicles are the most obvious proof that something is wrong with the roof.

Perhaps it sounds illogical, but overheated attics on the account of cold ground floors during the winter, is another sure sign that with the roof is something seriously wrong.

Energy losses through the roof can reach up to 25%, even up to 50% of total energy losses in the building, therefore to the roof should be paid great attention, from the design, all to the control before moving into the building.

Why roofs in Macedonia are the weakest part of the construction?


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