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VACUPORVacupor® – high-performance insulation with vacuum insulation panels

When suitable insulation comes down to a question of millimeters. Vacupor® – a clear advantage in thermal insulation in the low temperature range.
In most cases, when it comes to achieving the most efficient thermal insulation in the tightest spaces, Vacupor® is the product of choice. Vacupor® can be installed successfully and efficiently used in a wide variety of applications.

Vacupor® is easy to use and, due to the integrated fiber-filaments, which support the three-dimensional fumed-silica structure, becomes pressure resistant and self supporting. Therefore, additional sheathing to improve mechanical stability is usually not required. Of course, we are able to offer Vacupor®, according to your particular insulation problem, in various shapes and sizes and we are continually developing further flexible applications for this outstanding insulation material.

Particularly in response to changes in laws and regulations, but also for energy-saving reasons, Vacupor® is gaining acceptance in many industrial applications, such as refrigeration appliances, building insulation, etc., with increasing frequency replacing insulation materials that are less costly, but also less efficient.
Vacupor® combines the properties of a microporous insulation material with the advantages of vacuum insulation technology. In this way, an extremely low thermal conductivity of 5 mW/mK is achieved. Vacupor® can be used in the temperature range between -50 °C and 120 °C. The core material is produced without any emissions, is not flammable and usually does not contain any organic components which may set free harmful decomposition products when exposed to heat. Vacupor® can be recycled and, according to industrial hygiene experts, does not pose any health hazard. The silicate support filaments used for mechanical reinforcement are also not absorbable by the lungs, as defined by the WHO.

This makes Vacupor® an ideal insulation material from every point of view. Ask us – we will create the perfect insulation for your application.

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