The Passive House requires extremely low energy for cooling and heating, the system automatically provides high quality air and highest comfortable living conditions, which enables this kind of buildings to have not only an economy, but also an ecological and social dimension.
The Passive House guarantees that: the temperature of the inner surfaces of the facade walls is nearly equal with the ambiental temperature, consistent and pleasant climate in the rooms (like on altitude over 1500 meters), comfortable and constant temperature without any draft.15


Comfortable ventilation continuously provides: sanitary clean air in the rooms (controlled humidity and completely cleared air from CO2 and all the other particles and gases that are harmful to the body), enabling the inner space of the building with a pleasant warm and fresh air which had been previously filtered from dust and pollen.


The Passive House does not require any special demands from the users. In fact it gives them exactly the opposite:
- there is no draft,
- the equal temperature of the space and the surfaces is ensured by itself
- for ventilation there is no need for worries, the user's convenience is embedded in the concept.


The implementation of the Passive House standard leads to a significant participation in the reduction of climate changes. At the same time it influences the reduced usage of the limited resources’ we have currently at disposal as: oil, coal, gas…. The emission of CO2 is radically reduced (5 to 10 times). Considering the fact that the energy which the passive house needs to spend is extremely low, it could be constantly supplied by renewable energy sources - this not just partially, but completely, by satisfying all the needs for energy of the Passive House.


The components that are used in the building of passive houses are environmental friendly. Manufactured from materials that are recycled, they will not harm any of the generations who leave the world.
This standards, which is often described as a way of “building today with the method’s from the future’, allows us to live in a healthy home or work in such conditions. With drastically reduced consumption of natural resources for energy, we will leave a healthier living environment even for children of our children.
The Emission of greenhouse gases that are created during the production of energy is the main reason of global warming. The effects of emission will cause changes in the water supply, land use, increased risk of natural disasters... It is necessary to fight to reduce emissions of these gases that threaten our future, but most importantly –the future of our children.
Only environmental efficient economy can provide us the necessary sustainable development. One of the ways to achieve this is through the reduction and limitation of energy consumption in households, as one of the three major consumer sectors in Macedonia with about 30% share in total energy consumption. The actual decrease in consumption will inevitably mean reduced emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.