Building diagnostics


It is a documented expert findings based on visual assessment supported by operational testing of space/ buildings and its systems and components, in order to determine their current state. BUILDING DIAGNOSTICS is very rewarding, worthwhile and useful service, because a diagnosis of only a few hours can help to tenants or building owners to discover problems that they face in the period of exploitation of the buildings not being able to find an appropriate solution to overcome them. It can also help people in making a decision whether to purchase a building or not, supported by accurate and specific information about the object.

It can be carried out in facilities in which you already live or work, if you have excessive costs for heating or cooling, or simply want to know under what conditions you spend the day. We have the knowledge, equipment and materials, to suggest how to completely correct the discovered defects, which will seriously reduce the costs, and improve the comfort in the facilities.


Standard diagnosis begins with submitting a request for this service by the customer. The cost of the inspection is determined by the facility size and type.

CIVKON AGI advises clients to presence the inspection. A diagnosis can last from two to four hour, but sometimes even longer.

Diagnostician first examines the exterior of the building (including the garage if available). Then the examination continues inside the building. The internal investigation includes living space, basement and, if affordable, attics or ceilings. At the end of the diagnosis, the diagnostician and the client review the findings. CIVKON AGI within three days of the conducted examination prepares a written report and submit it to the client. With the prepared report, the customer can receive an offer with specific solutions for remediation of detected anomalies.

As BUILDING DOCTORS we are offering following separate services: