Enclosure Integrity Test

There are facilities or premises within the facilities where, due to specific equipment or technologic processes, it is impossible to apply the automatic fire-fighting system that uses water and various fluids (server rooms, manufacturing plants, hospital premises etc). In such situations, the fire-fighting systems use various gasses, and these systems are efficient only if the space where they are installed is properly sealed (airtight). In case the sealing (airtightness) does not meet the standards and allows the fire-fighting gas to leave the premises, the efficiency of the fire-fighting protection will be compromised.

The ENCLOSURE INTEGRITY TEST method controls the sealing of a room. Due to the efficiency of gas fire fighting systems, as before mentioned, it is extremely important that the space is well sealed in order to maintain the required gas concentration in the required period, This test checks the effectiveness of the fire fighting system for such premises and facilities, from several aspects. Most importantly, it detects and locates all potential problems, due to which the fire fighting system can fail exactly when it is most important.

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