Moisture/ leakage

One of the bigist misconceptions that is associated with a very common problem, is that the mold is a result of moisture and non-ventilation. The mold is a temperature phenomenon. For example, in a room where the temperature is 20 degrees Celsius, with normal air humidity, the mold will appear only at places where the surface temperature will be 11.7 degrees Celsius. But if the surface temperature comes below 6 degrees Celsius, then condensation occurs.

With the MOLD INSPECTION method, we detect all potential spots for mold, moisture or condensation, we discover the causes of the problem and treat the problems. We do this before the problem arises - during the construction, but even when it is already there, we can solve it.

During control of water leakage, so called WATER LEAKAGE INSPECTION, with our equipment, we can make a difference whether it is water leakage or condensation. With this method we can locate the exact places where the water flows through flat roof terraces, or through the basement walls. We can check whether behind the styrofoam façade is leaking water and locate where it enters. Locating the exact location of cracked pipes in walls and floors from water, sewage and heating installations. And many other water and condensation problems .....